Dividual Notes was established in 2011 by family members Brigit Egging (b. 1960 The Netherlands), Jean Louis Baudry (b. 1957, France) and Tobias Baudry (b. 1988 The Netherlands).

We work in different mediums, Jean-Louis’ focus is mostly on printmaking. Brigit graduated from AKI art college ( The Netherlands) in 1984 and creates digital art, mixed media work, paintings & drawings. Tobias studied at Queens University Belfast. He graduated in 2010 and holds a MA in creative writing. He enjoys writing flash fiction stories, a short form of storytelling.

We also make collaborative work. Our collaboration is born out of a mutual interest in distorted or filtered representations of reality, representations that draw hidden meanings out of otherwise ordinary moments, scenes and characters. By working together we aim to highlight and illustrate such recurrent themes in each other’s work, and draw on one another for creativity and feedback.


April 2018, Reflex Fiction Anthology

‘The Jump’ Flash Fiction _ Tobias Baudry

March 2016, Spelk, Online Flash Fiction Magazine

‘A Hard Goodbye’ Flash – Tobias Baudry

April 2014, Flash – The International Short-Short Story Magazine, University of Chester, U.K. vol. April 2014, p. 42

‘The Park’ Flash – Tobias Baudry

2013, ‘Snake in the Grass and Other Stories’ a collection of flash fiction and short stories, self published , ISBN 978-0-99264-13-06 – Tobias Baudry & Brigit Egging