The Bog, 2014, monoprint

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves presents a series of monoprints of Irish landscape scenes by Jean-Louis, each accompanied by a flash fiction story by Tobias.

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The Session, 2016, oil on canvas


Figures is a selection of drawings, paintings, prints and digital and mixed media work by Brigit Egging.

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Stranded Flesh, 2013, art display

Kith & Kin

The Kith and Kin series is the culmination of a collaboration between Brigit and Tobias, telling stories, whether visual or textual, about family, connections, what holds these relationships together, and what stresses cause them to break down.

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Memory, digital art, 2019

Mixed Media

A selection of work by Brigit of various mediums and subjects. Brigit is primarily interested in figures and the human body, but also draws inspiration from nature, and enjoys combining both.

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Sometimes, 2016, digital art


Moments is a series of collaborative works exploring innocuous scenes, thoughts and snippets of memory that may pass or pop up every day, but which reward a moment’s patient observation with hidden meanings and insights.

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