Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves presents a series of monoprints of Irish landscape scenes by Jean-Louis, each accompanied by a flash fiction story by Tobias.

Both Jean-Louis and Tobias harbour a deep fondness for the Irish countryside; the fields, mountains and rivers of county Sligo, which formed the backdrop to their relationship as father and son, have always featured prominently in their work.

Jean-Louis and Tobias created monoprint-story pairings, choosing scenes for their relation to the time of year, from the heart of winter to the budding of spring. Seasonal changes are always keenly felt in the studio where Jean-Louis works and his strong connection with his environment is evident in the monoprints. For Tobias, county Sligo is the home of his childhood, and his stories reflect his child-like reverence for all the grand and intimate spaces of Sligo’s countryside.